How Does a Mortgage Broker at Richmond Hill Help You Pick the Right Plan?

How Does a Mortgage Broker at Richmond Hill Help You Pick the Right Plan?

With the increasing public policies, types of financial securities have also been increasing. This has eventually multiplied the number of financial products and benefits available to consumers. Earlier, buying a mortgage itself helped you efficiently plan your finances and employ them at their best productivities, but today, buying a simple mortgage is not only inefficient but also simply unavailable.

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Mortgages are no more similar at all places, which means, you get offered completely different terms and conditions at different places. This is because your mortgage application is now exactly same with no other applicant and you are now evaluated upon the lender’s risk capacity and flexibility. Here, evaluating and picking the best plan for you becomes critical here.

Buying a Mortgage? When, from Whom, and for How Much?

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The Factors that Make Your Mortgage Application Different from Others:
Based on Your Future Aspects:

  •  Your Employment Stability and Of Course Your Monthly Income
  •  Your Business Cycle in Case Of a Self-Employed Mortgage
  •  Purpose of the Mortgage Property
  •  Future Potentiality of the Property/Locality
  •  Absence or Value of the Collateral Offered
  •  Down payment available to Offer

Based on Your History:

  •  Your Credit Rating
  •  Your Previous or Other Current Mortgages
  •  Your Business/Employment History

What Role Does a Broker in Richmond play here?

With the ever progressing number of mortgage plans available for you, a mortgage broker can bring to you each one of them with their listed pros and cons. This is not it. A broker also takes care of your entire application process right from the start to the end. What More? They also help you seek and select the property based on the mortgage amount approved to you by the lender. A Mortgage Broker is the one who has been in the real estate market for years, and can single handedly answer all your questions and curiosities based on your inevitable and individual needs and requirements.

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Factors on Which Lenders Can be Differentiated:

  •  Associated with a Banking Institution or a Private Lender
  •  Accepts Omission of a Collateral or Does Not
  •  Tenure and Other Terms and Conditions Offered
  •  Minimum Fixed and Variable Rates Offered


Planning on investing in a commercial estate? Looking for a mortgage? Have you hired a broker yet?

Planning on investing in a commercial estate? Looking for a mortgage? Have you hired a broker yet?

If answer to the last question is not yes, we are here to tell you what you’re missing out on!

Commercial estates are definitely a lucrative opportunity. Maybe to expand your business or to build a foundation for a new one. Whatever the reason, it has gained traction and is considered a sound investment.

The mortgage market as well has many solutions to facilitate this purchase. And it does have brokers.

Commercial mortgage brokers specialize in a particular type of mortgage and know every inch of the rules, the details and process like the back of their hand. They can not only help speed up the boring process of approvals and contracts, they also help ensure you receive the best one.

Need more reasons to hire a commercial mortgage broker?

  •  Specialized expertise
  •  Lowest interest rates
  •  Better loan structuring

While most brokers dabble in a bit of everything, commercial mortgage brokers come with a profound knowledge in one kind of mortgage solution. From the very beginning, they are able to guide you seamlessly through the entire process and provide the right advice on every aspect. This makes the entire process very simple and is easier on your time and money.

The primary reason to hire mortgage brokers is to get the right interest rates. The ones who deal with commercial are no different. Knowing a variety of lenders and their requirements, commercial mortgages can help you tailor your proposal as well as find the perfect interest rate for yourself.

Negotiations play a crucial role in finalizing the right plan and right rate. A commercial mortgage broker helps you do all of this with ease. They understand the complex loan structure and work accordingly to help you make the best of it.

Get more out of your commercial mortgage. Get in touch with a broker today.

A new property on the way? Looking into mortgages? Here are 5 reasons you need a mortgage advisor.

A new property on the way? Looking into mortgages? Here are 5 reasons you need a mortgage advisor.

The mortgage process is very tedious and daunting. Wouldn’t everyone love to make it simpler? That is exactly what a mortgage advisor does. They negotiate, they search and they analyze every proposal to understand which one works best for your current finances and needs and provide the solution.

Need more reasons?

  •  Access to the best lenders
  •  Proper understanding of the entire mortgage market
  •  Best interest rates
  •  Affordable services
  •  Quicker approvals

The most crucial part of the mortgage theory is the lender. Without them there would be nobody to loan us the amount. They do need to be negotiated with and made to understand. This is where our mortgage advisor steps in. With years of experience in the industry, they are able to rack up the right points to help support your mortgage proposal.

While bank agents are extremely helpful in understanding the workings of a bank’s loan program, a mortgage advisor can help you attain private mortgages as well. This could be really helpful in drafting mortgage terms and plans to your needs.

Another important benefit is the amazing choice of interest rates available. Since they have access to more lenders, they can provide you with really low interest rates even in the worst market conditions.

Mortgage advisors are really worth the money they ask, and they don’t ask too much. A certain percentage of your loan amount is counted as their fee and it really is not too much. This makes their services even more worthwhile.

The approval process, for most of us, is most daunting. Mortgage brokers know exactly how to manipulate the system to improve the speed of your approvals.

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There are many steps involved in getting a residential mortgage. We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind while applying for a residential mortgage in Richmond Hill

There are many steps involved in getting a residential mortgage. We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind while applying for a residential mortgage in Richmond Hill

Mortgages on its own are quite daunting. Add to that the pre-approvals and the document collection, and most of us are out of our depths. The process has a lot of twists and turns which may be hard for a beginner to understand.

For this purpose, we have put together a list of things to keep in mind and to have ready while searching for your perfect mortgage. They are:

  •  Keep all legal documents at hand
  •  Plan your budget
  •  Start early
  •  Understand the market rates
  •  Hire a mortgage broker

The mortgage process does require you to have all your documents ready. From financial statements to proof of income, these documents help verify whether you will be able to repay the mortgage. Keeping this ready and in hand can help a lender quickly assess what they are ready to offer you, considerably speeding up the process.

Another important thing to remember while searching for your mortgage is to plan a budget beforehand. Assessing your finances and then searching for a residential mortgage can save you a lot of time and help you understand your situation better. It also helps keep your expenses in check.

The key to getting the best of anything is to start early. Scouting the market from a good head start can help you take advantage of the right rates and plans when they surface. It may also help you build your credit score and do any necessary steps in the right time frame. Understanding market rates is another step to consider seriously. The market rates tend to fluctuate. Keeping an eye out for lower rates can help you save a lot on your mortgage expenses.

Everything mentioned above can be done, my mortgage specialist or broker. Hiring them can not only help you save time but also gives you a wider range of choices. Most mortgage seekers in Mississauga believe this is the first step to a successful experience.

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First time home buyers always face the predicament of whether they should hire a mortgage specialist or not. We can help you figure it out. Read on to know more.

First time home buyers always face the predicament of whether they should hire a mortgage specialist or not. We can help you figure it out. Read on to know more.

Be a first-time home mortgage or a commercial mortgage, the process of approvals and lenders is a bit tedious. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just give all the hard work to someone else and have to come in only for the final work? Well, a mortgage specialist does exactly that.

What can a mortgage specialist do for you?

Mortgage specialists provide a wide range of services. From hunting for the best lender to finding out the lowest rates, they can provide you with a mortgage which is best suited to your needs.

What are the benefits of hiring a mortgage specialist?

Hiring a mortgage specialist like Toprate Mortgage, Markham is a beneficial decision. They provide the following advantages:

  •  Lower rates
  •  More choice of lenders
  •  Experience
  •  Time-saving

The primary advantage of hiring an expert to deal with your mortgage comes in the terms. You have such a wide variety of choices, as they compare the offers from a large number of lenders and provide you with the best one.

This not only guarantees you better rates on your mortgage but also provides the possibility of customization and quicker approvals.

An experienced hand always knows how to do anything better. Mortgage specialists Markham knows how to get you the best mortgage with ease. They understand your needs and plan the mortgage process accordingly.

Another added benefit is the amount of time you save. While you would have to go hunting all over town for the best mortgage, specialists can provide you with the best plans in the comfort of your office. All you have to do is choose and sign. Everything else gets taken care of by the specialist.

Make your mortgage process simple. Contact top rate mortgage, the specialist in Markham.

Is your mortgage term up? Are you ready for renewal? Read on to find out how to prepare for your mortgage renewal process.

Is your mortgage term up? Are you ready for renewal? Read on to find out how to prepare for your mortgage renewal process.

Mortgage renewal is a process almost as important as the mortgage process itself. It can help you find better terms, better rates or simply extend your period for a more comfortable experience. But first, what is mortgage renewal?

When your mortgage term comes to an end, you either would have paid off your mortgage or like most, will be looking to renew your terms. In Canada, lenders provide a renewal statement at least three weeks before your due date.

Should you sign the renewal contract your original lender sent?

NO! Well, at least not immediately. Its always good to browse the menu and see what’s out there before you settle on the usual. Studies have shown that many people miss out on good deals because they signed immediately.

What is the correct way to go about the mortgage renewal process?

  •  Assess your financial situation
  •  Decide what you need out of the renewal
  •  Check the penalty costs
  •  Choose your plan

The first step in the process of mortgage renewal is to know where you stand financially. It could help you determine what you really need right now in terms of the Mortgage. Mortgage brokers usually have someone who can do this for you with ease.


Once you have decided what you expect out of the renewal, you need to confirm whether there are going to be penalty costs if you terminate the mortgage with your current lender. Depending on how much you will be incurring or saving, you can decide whether you want to negotiate terms with the current lender or another one.

The next step is to do your market research. Most Canadians prefer going to a broker as they already have their research done and can help you finalize on a plan which is most beneficial. The plan once finalized, needs to be drafted, checked and signed.

The renewal process is simple if you do your market research or have the expert do it for you.

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Wondering how to get the most out of your commercial real estate? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from commercial mortgages

Wondering how to get the most out of your commercial real estate? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan taken out on real estate owned by an individual or a company using it to operate its business. The sum received from this type of mortgage is usually invested in business expansion.

What does it take to get a commercial mortgage?

The qualification criteria for a commercial mortgage is not very different. The down payment is where you can really feel a difference. Check out the list below:

  •  Debt service coverage ratio
  •  Credit history
  •  The situation of your business
  •  Business type
  •  Down payment

Commercial mortgage lenders may sometimes require you to pay a certain sum which balances what they pay. This method is followed, simply to avoid a major loss for both ends. The debt to service ratio helps the lender determine the amount of cash available at your end and fix the loan rate.

Credit history is a very important factor when it comes to commercial mortgages. With them already being a risk, lenders are very careful when giving a loan amount to borrowers. Unlike home buyer mortgages, commercial mortgage lenders look into the type of business you are running. The situation of your business will play a very crucial role in the approval process of your business loan.

Some lenders may not agree with the type of business you run. In such scenarios, a broker who has experience can help you get it approved and at a good rate. However, in another case, if the lender believes in your business pitch, you could easily get a good rate. Hiring a broker could help you tailor your pitch for the lender’s expectations with ease.

Another criterion required by commercial mortgage lenders is a good amount of down payment. This amount will definitely be higher than what you’d expect to pay for a first time home buyer mortgage. But it can help you reduce the burden in the future as well as access better interest rates.

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Residential Mortgages Markham

Buying a home in the lovely city of Markham has been a dream for many. Finding the right financial aid can help you fulfill this dream today. Read on to find out how.

Markham is a wonderful city located in Ontario. Growing at a steady pace, it has become an ideal location for many Canadians to settle down. This means more people are buying houses.

Homes, unfortunately, don’t come cheap. They require a lot of financing and not all of us are privileged enough to have such large sums. This is where residential mortgages come in handy.

Residential mortgages allow you to finance your dream home in Markham. It is simple to obtain this kind of mortgage if certain aspects of your finances such as credit score, financial health and ability to pay the loan are in order.

The stringent tests put before a mortgage application is even considered is quite frightening. But mortgage specialists like Toprate Mortgage have made it very easy for most people with low credit scores or mediocre financial health to finance their homes.

Why should you hire a mortgage broker for residential mortgages?

  •  Better rates
  •  Quicker approvals
  •  Variety of lenders
  •  Less paperwork
  •  Mortgage solutions even if financial health is poor

Mortgage specialists make it so simple to get a mortgage. They understand your needs and provide the perfect solution. Even if you have bad credit scores or poor financial health, mortgage specialists like Toprate Mortgage can help you secure a residential mortgage.

Another great reason to hire an expert for your residential mortgage is quick approval. Most sellers require you to get a pre-approval from a lender before they finalize you as the buyer. Specialists like Toprate Mortgage can help you get approved quicker than most.

Less paperwork is another added benefit to this list. Most of us may not qualify for the mortgage we want, but with a mortgage specialist, there is a chance.

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Mortgage Specialist Markham

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a savvy business owner, mortgages always come in handy. Choosing a
mortgage which perfectly fits your needs may turn out to be a challenging option. Read on to find out our solution.

Hunting for a mortgage may not be the toughest thing one has to do. It actually becomes daunting when you have to find the right one.

Every mortgage seeker has different needs, is on a different income and has its own share of financial restrictions. So, how does one really go about fine-tuning mortgages to deliver the desired results? Simple! You hire a mortgage specialist.

What is a mortgage specialist?

A mortgage specialist collects offers, plans and rates from multiple vendors and curates the perfect plan to fit your needs. They have an extensive understanding process where they take down your requirements and your financial status to determine the type of plan that is best suited for you.

What are the benefits of hiring a mortgage specialist?

  •  Saves time
  •  Chance of getting better plans
  •  Wide choice
  •  Less paperwork

Get in touch with Markham’s top mortgage specialist and find your perfect mortgage!

Hiring a mortgage specialist has many benefits. One of those benefits is having the luxury of not using up a big chunk of your personal time to hunt down lenders and compare mortgages. While you are expanding your business or living your dreams, your mortgage specialist is compiling a comprehensive list of the best mortgages at the best rates for you.

Another big advantage is the vast variety of choice one gets. Mortgage specialists have contacts not just in Markham but even in neighbouring cities. This allows you to get the best plans and best mortgages from another location without having to do much.

Mortgage specialists even take care of the paperwork! They are basically your one-stop-shop for any mortgage need.

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Buying your first home is such a wonderful experience. Mortgages can however, mar the experience. Here are a few tips for first time home buyer mortgages!

Buying your first home is such a wonderful experience. Mortgages can, however, mar the experience. Here are a few
tips for first time home buyer mortgages!

Buying a home is not cheap in any city, county or state. Most of us require mortgages or loans to help us out. While there are many options available for first time home buyers to acquire a mortgage, the vast choice could actually be really overwhelming.

What are the types of mortgages a first time home buyer can take?

First time home buyers are entitled to mortgages available from private lenders or even from government bodies.

There are essentially two types of mortgages:

  •  Fixed mortgage
  •  Variable mortgage

Depending on the financial situation and requirements of the person, the type of mortgage can be decided.

5 tips for a simple mortgage process

  •  Keep all your financial documents in order
  •  Decide your budget and search houses accordingly
  •  Consider various lenders
  •  Be aware of the market rate
  •  Hire a mortgage broker

The process of getting a first time home buyer mortgage is quite tedious. However, with the right kind of guidance and proper planning, it can be made into a smooth and quick experience.

Hiring a mortgage broker for your first time home buyer mortgage needs is a smart move to make as they can help you streamline the process and take the stress out of it. They take care of the paperwork, the planning, the hunting for lenders and provide you only with the best options. This not only takes the pressure off of you, allowing you to
concentrate on your work, it also ensures you get the best deals.

Keeping your financial documents, credit score and other income-related details handy can help your mortgage broker find the perfect lender for your needs. They are also aware of the market rate and will ensure you receive the right match for your needs.

Hire your first time home buyer mortgage broker today. Call Top Rate Mortgages.