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Please Note: Advertised rates are not guaranteed. The rate provided by any financial institution listed, or any approval or decline you receive, will be based solely on your personal situation. Rates may vary from Province to Province and are subject to change without notice. Posted rates may be high ratio and/or quick close which can differ from conventional rates. The advertised rates are provided as guidance only and the accuracy of these rates is not guaranteed. You are encouraged to speak with a Mortgage Centre Specialist for the most accurate information and to determine your eligibility. *O.A.C. & E.O.

Term Bank Our Rates
6 Months 6.59 6.25
1 Year 6.09 5.99
2 Year 5.79 5.64
3 Year 5.79 5.09
4 Years 6.09 5.04
5 Years 6.34 4.54
7 Years 6.60 5.84
10 Years 6.85 6.00


Current Variable Mortgage Rate


Current Prime Mortgage Rate

* Rates may vary provincially and may be subject to change without notice.

Cost per $1000 based on 5yr fixed term rate compounded semi-annually.

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