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Independent Mortgage Broker by Nasser Yaltaghian

Independent Mortgage Broker by Nasser Yaltaghian

Buying a home is one of our biggest leaps in our lives, attached to which comes a mortgage plan. Your mortgage can be a good deal or a bad deal depending on your network and research. Good research will give you a clear picture of the different rates offered at different cities with different lenders. A good network will allow you to get approved by the best lender you shortlisted. In case you are not able to do both, you can simply appoint an Independent Mortgage Broker and get it all in a platter.

You might assume that since you would get a list of all lenders and their estimated rates so easily, a mortgage broker might come at a significant cost. Well, you are wrong, Nasser Yaltaghian will break a few such myths and enlighten you with what an Independent Mortgage Broker really is:

What Do They Do?

As our name suggests, independent mortgage brokers are free from any association with a particular lender, but have access to multiple variety of lenders ranging from banks, private lenders and also financing institutions. Being a profession, we have deep market knowledge which allows us to filter any bad or high rated deal for you instantly. Our wide access to lenders allow us to cater to all borrowers ranging from self-employed to first time home buyers without any prior credit rating.

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What Do They Cost?

Independent Mortgage brokers are well compensated from the lenders for our services. However, to differentiate an established mortgage broker, you will be charges a fraction of his commission, which would be a negligible amount.

Who is a Good Independent Mortgage Broker?

It is easy to spot a good mortgage broker by his number of questions pushed on you. To get you the best deal, we need to know a lot of details from your previous transactions so that we can channel your application to the right lender rather than applying to all and wasting your time and money. Other than the interrogative nature you can always measure the network of lenders and the competitive rates a broker can offer you.