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How to Secure the Best Commercial Mortgage in Canada

How to Secure the Best Commercial Mortgage in Canada

For those who are new to the commercial mortgage policy, it is simply a regular mortgage bought against a commercial property instead of a residential plot. The commercial property need not be used just for stores, offices or warehouses. They can be used for residential houses or land improvements as well, as long as the mortgage buyer stands to earn a monetary return from the property.

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What Does a Good Application Have?

  •  At Least a Three Year Tax History

In all cases, be it a new venture, an expansion plan, a rental home construction, or just a property improvement, at least three years of tax returns and the latest bank statements need to be attached in the application.

  •  Detailed Business Projections

Clear plans and precise reasons for your business projections that are going to be executed through the plot needs to be included. To secure the best commercial mortgage rate one has to concentrate on presenting a good plan other than the regular mortgage requirements.

  •  A Significant Down Payment

As commercial mortgages has a slightly higher percentage of down payment to be made, it will only give you a better deal to keep available at least 30% of the value of the property in hand during the application.

  •  Reliable Credit History and Asset and Liability Documents

Your credit history will matter significantly in the application, but has a lower weight age than the business plan and down payment criteria. Other documents such as additional assets and liabilities can also help you be more transparent and more reliable as a borrower.

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Ineluctable Benefits of a Commercial Mortgage with Top Rate Mortgage

  •  Avoid Risk of Facing Increased Rental Charges
  •  Free Your Capital and Increase Your Working Capital
  •  Have a scope for Sub-letting or Leasing areas of the commercial property
  •  Interest payments on your Commercial Mortgage is reduced from your taxable amount
  •  Commercial Mortgage is usually the only and best way for a Start-up without enough cash liquidity