Buying your first home is such a wonderful experience. Mortgages can however, mar the experience. Here are a few tips for first time home buyer mortgages!

Buying your first home is such a wonderful experience. Mortgages can, however, mar the experience. Here are a few
tips for first time home buyer mortgages!

Buying a home is not cheap in any city, county or state. Most of us require mortgages or loans to help us out. While there are many options available for first time home buyers to acquire a mortgage, the vast choice could actually be really overwhelming.

What are the types of mortgages a first time home buyer can take?

First time home buyers are entitled to mortgages available from private lenders or even from government bodies.

There are essentially two types of mortgages:

  •  Fixed mortgage
  •  Variable mortgage

Depending on the financial situation and requirements of the person, the type of mortgage can be decided.

5 tips for a simple mortgage process

  •  Keep all your financial documents in order
  •  Decide your budget and search houses accordingly
  •  Consider various lenders
  •  Be aware of the market rate
  •  Hire a mortgage broker

The process of getting a first time home buyer mortgage is quite tedious. However, with the right kind of guidance and proper planning, it can be made into a smooth and quick experience.

Hiring a mortgage broker for your first time home buyer mortgage needs is a smart move to make as they can help you streamline the process and take the stress out of it. They take care of the paperwork, the planning, the hunting for lenders and provide you only with the best options. This not only takes the pressure off of you, allowing you to
concentrate on your work, it also ensures you get the best deals.

Keeping your financial documents, credit score and other income-related details handy can help your mortgage broker find the perfect lender for your needs. They are also aware of the market rate and will ensure you receive the right match for your needs.

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How Exciting as Well as Tedious it could Get While Buying Your First Home?

How Exciting as Well as Tedious it could Get While Buying Your First Home?

“Home Is Where the Heart Is”, all of us have heard this before. As true as is sounds, how easy is it to define where our heart is? At times when we look forward to settling down, owning a home is one of our significant visions in it. Having reached this certain stage, hunting for a home you want set your heart in, grow a future in, and creating your master piece in, has to begin. This hunt has been done by many before, and will be done by many after you, but your catch will be yours for a life time.

First Homes are less about investments and more about desires. But getting a good deal in monetary terms can simply purify the joy of it. Unconditional satisfaction is what we seek to service our clients with when they are to purchase their first home. The steps are many, and being new to the process, it may get a little tedious, but with the right broker, buying your first home cannot get more easy.

The Part Where You Begin Your Search

We help you with fixing a budget in accordance with your income projections, and help you file your mortgage application without any glitches. We can arrange for pre-approvals for a precise shortlisting.

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The Part Where You Shortlist the Home

Here according to the pre-approval or the determined budget, you will be shortlisting your choices, after which your locality and size specifications can be analyzed.

The Part While You Inspect and Finalize

Once you are almost there, a thorough inspection will be conducted on the property. After which your mortgage will let you access your home and begin your journey.

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The Part Where You Own Your First Home

This however happens after a few years, where you have paid off the value of your home gradually. Your each monthly payment will increase your ownership share, and once fully covered, you will be owning your very first home.


Are You Buying Your First Home in 2018 – 2019? Here’s All You Need to Know

Are You Buying Your First Home in 2018 – 2019? Here’s All You Need to Know

Make Your First Home Your Dream Home.

Most of us just hold the thought of our desired home, but there are only a few who execute it. At Toprate Mortgage, we simply guide the later few. First Homes can be quite a drag as the purchase might not turn out as simple as it may seem. Let us see what are the steps involved for a First Time Home Buyer:

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There are a few conditions that every home buyer must be aware of. Either he can do his own research on the rules and procedures or can simply approach a mortgage broker having reliable testimonials. Mortgage brokers are usually paid by their network of lenders and hence won’t cost you much, but will definitely save you thousands on your deal.

Determine Affordability

A certain down payment has to be made by the buyer to avail your mortgage. In case the down payment is too low, the buyer will have to buy the mandatory mortgage default insurance. Your down payment usually determines your interest rate as well as your affordability. As you are a first time home buyer your credit score may or may not be a reliable indicator.

Make an Offer and Clearing Inspections

Once you have visited a few homes and prefer a specific one you go ahead by making an offer. There may be more along with you making the offer and hence making an offer can be quite competitive. A broker usually helps you understand the locality and its ongoing rates along with the value of the built property. An inspection will then be made to check the durability and quality of the home.

Only After all these steps you will be en-cashing your mortgage and making your first home purchase. It is always better to employ a mortgage broker who can give you an insight of the market and help you get your first and best deal.