Mortgage brokers are the right people to help you get the most out of your mortgage. Read on to find out the benefits of hiring a mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers are the right people to help you get the most out of your mortgage. Read on to find out the benefits of hiring a mortgage broker

Whether business or personal, people do require loans to ease the financial strain necessary expenses can cause. The process of getting a mortgage in Markham and Richmond Hill is quite tough.

One of the most daunting things to do is find a lender who matches your financial needs. A mortgage broker from Markham or Richmond Hill can help you find the right lender. They have a wide network of lenders and can help you sift through them to find someone who is compatible with your financial requirements.

What are the benefits of hiring a mortgage broker?

  •  Better rates
  •  Better plans
  •  More variety of lenders
  •  Less paperwork
  •  Quicker processing

A mortgage broker is someone who has been in the mortgage industry for a long time. They know all the tricks required to get you a good mortgage and quicker approvals.

Hiring a mortgage broker can really benefit you in many ways. They are aware of the rates being offered in different cities and can get you the best deal from their lenders.

A major step for mortgage buyers is planning and understanding their requirements while managing to put it within a budget. Mortgage brokers understand this well and are able to guide you to formulate a plan which helps you achieve your targets in a reasonable manner.

Another advantage of hiring a mortgage broker is that they reduce the amount of paperwork required. You simply have to proofread and sign your name on most documents thanks to the efficient services provided by mortgage brokers.

Most brokers are able to help you get your mortgage approved at faster rates. This can help you achieve your dream faster.

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Mortgage broker in Markham – Nasser Yaltaghian

Need help with a first time home purchase or a second mortgage? The top mortgage broker in Markham, Nasser Yaltaghian can help you get what you need.

Mortgages are a complex system which cannot be understood very easily by someone who is doing it for the first time. The legal junctures, the vast number of procedures and the long list of documents are enough to shake the foundations of your sanity.

This is where a mortgage broker steps in. Nasser Yaltaghian, one of the top mortgage brokers in Canada has 15 years of experience in the field and helped many families find their first homes and has funded numerous mortgages himself.

What does a mortgage broker do?

Mortgage brokers in Markham provide an array of services, out of which these are considered to be primary:

  •  Collect and file paperwork
  •  Find lenders
  •  Provide the best plan
  •  Guide you through legal processes

Get a mortgage which is right for you with Nasser Yaltaghian, top mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers in Markham are versatile in their duties. From finding the perfect lender to filing the contract, they are instrumental in making home searching an easy and simple process. Their expertise has helped many home buyers find the perfect home in dire situations.

Most mortgage brokers have great connections with lenders in Markham. If you choose to work with someone like Nasser Yaltaghian, you are bound to get the best deals depending on your situation and the market rate.

Mortgage brokers like Nasser are very thorough in everything they do and are with you till the very end. Toprate mortgage has made a name for itself in the industry by providing the most personalized services a person could hope for today.

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First time home buyer tips

Being a first time home buyer can be quite daunting. Here are a few tips from mortgage experts which can help you make the process easier!

While being on the hunt for your first home can be exhilarating, one wrong move can hurt your chances of stress-free ownership. There are a few simple measures a first time home buyer must take to ensure that the end result is a happy family in a happy home. We’ve put together a list of the most important tips for a first time home buyer:

5 tips for first time home buyers:

  •  Mind your budget
  •  Get pre-approved
  •  Save for down payments and expenses
  •  Hire a mortgage broker
  •  Keep your credit score in shape

Get your first home with ease with our first time home buyer tips. Contact Toprate Mortgage today.

The biggest mistake first time home buyers make today is spending spontaneously on a house they really can’t afford. Minding your budget is of utmost importance for a stress-free experience. You are the one who has to pay off the mortgage, be sure you can handle the burden.

Getting pre-approved has helped many first time home buyers get their dream home on a lower rate as it proves to the seller you are more serious and actually capable of paying the price than the person offering them a larger amount without a pre-approval.

Down payments, upkeep costs and maintenance costs are going to pile up the moment you buy a house. Saving for these can help you take a load of your shoulder in the long run and keep your expenses in check on a monthly basis. Keeping your credit score in check can help you make the process of getting approved even easier.

Mortgage brokers are a godsend when it comes to buying a house for the first time. Experts in their field, they ensure you get the best plans and rates and are even sometimes helpful in home hunting.

Be a relaxed first time home buyer with Toprate Mortage tips.

How to Get the Best Mortgage Deal?

How to Get the Best Mortgage Deal?

Mortgages are a significant part of your biggest purchases in life. Owning a home is something everyone dreams of and is well aware of the costs attached to it. But one is not usually aware of how much the cost can be reduced by simply paying extra attention to their mortgage deal. A simple fall in the interest rate can save you thousands of dollars in the coming years. Or simply drag in tenure can cost you an entire renovation expense. So how can you avoid paying extra and how can you secure the best mortgage deal?

Do Your Research

The mortgage market can be fluctuating like any other market and striking at the right time matters. Mortgage seasons can vary as well. Usually, homeowners are out on holidays during their summer and hence most good options are not open during that time. Similarly, winter weather does not allow most sellers to resent their house at its best potential which eventually makes them wait until February to put out a running add.

Use Your Contacts

In order to secure the best mortgage deal, you need to shortlist the best suitable lender for you. Depending on your requirements, history, employment status, you can shortlist the lenders and their offered rates. You now need to use up your contacts to reach the lender and have your application accepted at your targeted rate.

Improve Your Application

To get the best mortgage deal, your mortgage application is one of the most important deciders. You can improve your application in multiple ways, such as improving your credit score, offering a bigger down payment or showing a higher/actual source of income in case of self-employed mortgage seekers.

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Or Simply Hire a Good Mortgage Broker!

One Way you can assure that all the above steps are covered is by approaching a good mortgage broker, explaining him your requirements and simply getting access to all his contacts and offers. Mortgage brokers are compensated well for their service through their lenders and hence do not cost much to the mortgage buyers.

Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage Professionals is a blanket term which constitutes all the types of people involved in the mortgage industry and that go in the completion of a mortgage. Mortgage professionals in Canada have a trade association, namely & Mortgage Professionals Canada, founded in 1994. This association provides accreditation to the various qualified people with the designation of a mortgage professional, in whatever category he is. Apart from that they also take up consumer education and awareness activities and events and is information providing organization to the mortgage professionals.

Who all constitute as Mortgage Professionals?

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers are the most important catalysts in a mortgage transaction. Majority percentage of the mortgage deals that take place is through the mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers had started gaining importance in the late twentieth century when competition in the mortgage lenders increased drastically. Mortgage brokers are prominent people in the mortgage transactions because they connect the mortgage seekers to the mortgage lenders, and provide many other services than just brokerage. Other services provided by mortgage brokers include legal work, financial and real estate consultancy etc. A mortgage broker’s major share of income comes from the commission that they receive from the mortgage lenders.

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Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Lenders include financial institutions such as Banks, Non-banking financial companies, Financial associations etc. The type of loan a mortgage seeker seeks is important, but the type of lender he chooses is even more important. Among numerous types of mortgage lenders and mortgage options available, mortgage brokers are able to best guide the mortgage seekers to their desired choices.

Mortgage Insurers

Mortgage Insurers, as it literally means, are the insurance providers to the mortgage lenders to protect them from defaults by the Mortgage seekers. Generally, big insurance companies and government companies constitute mortgage insurers.

Other Stake Holders

Other Stake Holders under mortgage professionals refer to the Mortgage regulators i.e Mortgage Brokers Regulator’s Council etc., consumers education professionals, administrative body, the Canadian Government.

Independent Mortgage Broker by Nasser Yaltaghian

Independent Mortgage Broker by Nasser Yaltaghian

Buying a home is one of our biggest leaps in our lives, attached to which comes a mortgage plan. Your mortgage can be a good deal or a bad deal depending on your network and research. Good research will give you a clear picture of the different rates offered at different cities with different lenders. A good network will allow you to get approved by the best lender you shortlisted. In case you are not able to do both, you can simply appoint an Independent Mortgage Broker and get it all in a platter.

You might assume that since you would get a list of all lenders and their estimated rates so easily, a mortgage broker might come at a significant cost. Well, you are wrong, Nasser Yaltaghian will break a few such myths and enlighten you with what an Independent Mortgage Broker really is:

What Do They Do?

As our name suggests, independent mortgage brokers are free from any association with a particular lender, but have access to multiple variety of lenders ranging from banks, private lenders and also financing institutions. Being a profession, we have deep market knowledge which allows us to filter any bad or high rated deal for you instantly. Our wide access to lenders allow us to cater to all borrowers ranging from self-employed to first time home buyers without any prior credit rating.

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What Do They Cost?

Independent Mortgage brokers are well compensated from the lenders for our services. However, to differentiate an established mortgage broker, you will be charges a fraction of his commission, which would be a negligible amount.

Who is a Good Independent Mortgage Broker?

It is easy to spot a good mortgage broker by his number of questions pushed on you. To get you the best deal, we need to know a lot of details from your previous transactions so that we can channel your application to the right lender rather than applying to all and wasting your time and money. Other than the interrogative nature you can always measure the network of lenders and the competitive rates a broker can offer you.

How Exciting as Well as Tedious it could Get While Buying Your First Home?

How Exciting as Well as Tedious it could Get While Buying Your First Home?

“Home Is Where the Heart Is”, all of us have heard this before. As true as is sounds, how easy is it to define where our heart is? At times when we look forward to settling down, owning a home is one of our significant visions in it. Having reached this certain stage, hunting for a home you want set your heart in, grow a future in, and creating your master piece in, has to begin. This hunt has been done by many before, and will be done by many after you, but your catch will be yours for a life time.

First Homes are less about investments and more about desires. But getting a good deal in monetary terms can simply purify the joy of it. Unconditional satisfaction is what we seek to service our clients with when they are to purchase their first home. The steps are many, and being new to the process, it may get a little tedious, but with the right broker, buying your first home cannot get more easy.

The Part Where You Begin Your Search

We help you with fixing a budget in accordance with your income projections, and help you file your mortgage application without any glitches. We can arrange for pre-approvals for a precise shortlisting.

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The Part Where You Shortlist the Home

Here according to the pre-approval or the determined budget, you will be shortlisting your choices, after which your locality and size specifications can be analyzed.

The Part While You Inspect and Finalize

Once you are almost there, a thorough inspection will be conducted on the property. After which your mortgage will let you access your home and begin your journey.

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The Part Where You Own Your First Home

This however happens after a few years, where you have paid off the value of your home gradually. Your each monthly payment will increase your ownership share, and once fully covered, you will be owning your very first home.


How to Secure the Best Commercial Mortgage in Canada

How to Secure the Best Commercial Mortgage in Canada

For those who are new to the commercial mortgage policy, it is simply a regular mortgage bought against a commercial property instead of a residential plot. The commercial property need not be used just for stores, offices or warehouses. They can be used for residential houses or land improvements as well, as long as the mortgage buyer stands to earn a monetary return from the property.

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What Does a Good Application Have?

  •  At Least a Three Year Tax History

In all cases, be it a new venture, an expansion plan, a rental home construction, or just a property improvement, at least three years of tax returns and the latest bank statements need to be attached in the application.

  •  Detailed Business Projections

Clear plans and precise reasons for your business projections that are going to be executed through the plot needs to be included. To secure the best commercial mortgage rate one has to concentrate on presenting a good plan other than the regular mortgage requirements.

  •  A Significant Down Payment

As commercial mortgages has a slightly higher percentage of down payment to be made, it will only give you a better deal to keep available at least 30% of the value of the property in hand during the application.

  •  Reliable Credit History and Asset and Liability Documents

Your credit history will matter significantly in the application, but has a lower weight age than the business plan and down payment criteria. Other documents such as additional assets and liabilities can also help you be more transparent and more reliable as a borrower.

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Ineluctable Benefits of a Commercial Mortgage with Top Rate Mortgage

  •  Avoid Risk of Facing Increased Rental Charges
  •  Free Your Capital and Increase Your Working Capital
  •  Have a scope for Sub-letting or Leasing areas of the commercial property
  •  Interest payments on your Commercial Mortgage is reduced from your taxable amount
  •  Commercial Mortgage is usually the only and best way for a Start-up without enough cash liquidity

Why Lenders Don’t Tell You the Benefits of Adjustable Mortgage Rates?

Why Lenders Don’t Tell You the Benefits of Adjustable Mortgage Rates?

Adjustable Mortgage Rates are quite disputed as the less beneficial plan, as the risk associated is indefinite. But has anyone told you how adjustable mortgage rate can help save you thousands of dollars flowing simply towards interest payments? Get to know why adjustable mortgage rates are the most preferable when it comes to a long tenure mortgage.

What Are the Rates Printed on Those Banners and Posters?

Mortgage lenders display one of their best rates among all their bill boards and poster, which we are all aware of. These rates which attract most clients, are they actually offered? Yes, they are the rates offered for Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Now that we know adjustable mortgage rates are pretty lower than that of fixed rate mortgages, we are yet not satisfied enough to take such a risk of unpredictable fluctuation. So let’s understand more.

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How long are You Going to Actually Stay in the Home?

We all know, lower the mortgage period, lower the risk the lender assumes and hence give a better rate than a longer period mortgage. But in the long term, adjustable rate mortgages have a much lower average mortgage payment rate than that of fixed mortgage rate, and in short term lenders eventually offer a lower rate in both cases (average or fixed).

Adjustable Mortgage Rates are much Lower that the market rates in their initial period.

In the second scenario, adjustable mortgage rates are quite lower in the introductory period in order to attract clients which give us an upper hand in case we want to sell the house. When one wishes to sell a house which is currently under a mortgage, the equity amount is what the owner gets and the rest is collected by the mortgage lender.

Let’s say your mortgage tenure is of 30 years, but plan to sell your home ten years down the road. You equity value in case of average mortgage rate would be higher than that of the fixed mortgage, as lower payments towards interest would be paid, and more principal amount would be cleared off.

Did You Know About the Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgages in Canada?

Did You Know About the Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgages in Canada?

Most mortgage borrowers prefer mortgages that extend for more than a decade, hence there is little knowledge about the five year fixed rate mortgages in the Canadian mortgage market. The other type of mortgages may have variable or adjustable rate mortgages wherein the rate of interest varies with respect to a base agreed upon in the agreement. But in a five year fixed rate mortgage you monthly payment will remain fixed over the total five year period.

At the end of a fixed rate five year mortgage, either your mortgage is totally paid back or you are moved to an SVR by your mortgage, where SVR refers to Standard Variable Rate category. The SVR here could be higher or lower than your fixed rate of mortgage. If you are willing to go for a mortgage which has short duration, a fixed rate five year mortgage is surely the choice.

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A Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgage come with benefits which are much thought provoking for any mortgage borrower:

Lower interest rate

Interest rates are lower for shorter periods when compared to longer periods. So, in a fixed rate five year mortgage, you will be able to command lower interest costs, and also get your mortgage renewed at the end of the five year term, in case you want more time to repay your mortgage.

Certainty in finances

When you need to project your finances for the near term future, or longer, you have your interest cost fixed and determined as it is a fixed rate five year mortgage. Even if the interest rates rise in Canada, your mortgage shall remain untouched.

Pre Approve Your Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgage with Us and Keep Your Finances Well Estimated!

Scope for availing opportunities

If your interest costs are fixed and you are able to project your cash flows and income properly, there is scope for more mortgages in the future. In a Variable Rate Mortgage, as the interest costs are variable, one may not be able to ascertain certain figures that are needed to present while applying for a loan, and lose out the edge on availing a loan.